Allison Bell

Washington, DC


  • Duke University
  • University of Virginia

Allison first encountered the LSAT while getting her Bachelor of Arts at Duke University. Nearing the end of her long, winding, and terrifying journey toward a career decision, she took the LSAT and considered applying for law school. As a result of years of honing her logic skills as a high school policy debater and her reading skills as an English and history major, she scored a 178 and very nearly actually applied to law school. In the end, she followed her heart of hearts toward her true passion, teaching. Since college, she has had a taste of teaching third grade in the challenging schools of Southeast Washington D.C. and currently has the pleasure of being an eighth-grade English teacher in Northern Virginia. She was delighted to find in Manhattan Prep a way to put her LSAT score to good use. As an LSAT teacher, she has the opportunity to blend her love for teaching with her passion for logical argument.

Outside of work, Allison takes every possible chance to sneak away to see her family in the wonderful vacation destination that is her homeland, South Dakota. She also loves traveling in general, cooking, reading, and hanging out with her crazy dog, Hunter.

What students are saying

“Allison was a natural teacher. She was great at reading the class and knew when to slow down or speed up the pace.”

What students are saying

“Allison is very approachable. She never made the material feel unapproachable. I never felt embarrassed to ask a question.”

What students are saying

“Knows the LSAT like the inside of her hand! She\'s great!”