Dejan Krunic

Houston, TX


  • University of Arkansas
  • Stanford University (grad)

Ever since the first time Dejan Krunic entered the hippodrome as a child, horses have become his passion in life. He evolved from a rider to a horse trainer and riding instructor, and he eventually became a horse owner and breeder. In fact, his business sense in the field of horse breeding has even brought him work with the US Olympic Game riders.

But there is more to Dejan than horses. Dejan is a tutor par excellence. His teaching beginnings can be traced back to the days of his studies at the University of Arkansas. While there, he tutored students with special needs and learning differences and managed to graduate summa cum laude in civic and environmental engineering with a 4.0 GPA. Responding to his brilliance in engineering, Stanford University recruited Dejan to their master’s program in structural engineering by giving him the prestigious Stanford Graduate Fellowship. But his passion for teaching overtook his interest in engineering, and after graduating from Stanford, Dejan followed his horse business to Houston to continue teaching professionally.

After ranking in the 99th percentile on virtually every standardized test he took (scoring a 790 on the GMAT) and with his natural ability to learn and master every subject under the sun, Dejan’s teaching capabilities are vast. They have included subjects ranging from the SAT and ACT to the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT.

When not teaching, Dejan reads The Economist, teaches writing skills to prisoners, organizes vacations with friends and family to Croatia and makes maniacal trips across Europe and North America to visit his friends’ newborn babies, most of which are foals.

It’s Dejan’s idle fantasy that a student’s car will break down on the way to the GMAT and Dejan will ride in on his white horse and gallop the student to the testing center on time. As that’s unlikely to happen, Dejan contents himself with riding into the classroom to slay figurative dragons of confusion or ignorance.

What students are saying

“He is enthusiastic and cares about teaching the material.”

What students are saying

“Dejan’s greatest strength is his ability to explain a problem and its solution in multiple ways.”

What students are saying

“He make class fun and interesting. The 3 hours flew by.”