Devin Powell

San Francisco, CA


  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins (grad)

Devin Powell is a science journalist in San Francisco with degrees from Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Scoring a 170Q/169V on the GMAT, he has been teaching with Manhattan Prep since 2011. He has also taught high school courses in biology and college courses in creative writing, and has tutored everything from statistics and physics to the SATs and reading comprehension. In his spare time, he likes nothing more than to take a motorcycle down Highway One, swing dance in Golden Gate Park, or eat one too many Mission burritos con lengua.

What students are saying

“Devin is a great communicator, patient with students, and excellent at breaking down complex concepts.”

What students are saying

“Devin is great at engaging every member of the class. He thoughtfully walks through each step of a problem so everyone knows multiple ways to solve it.”

What students are saying

“Devin reinforces what we learn in the homework and then drills into the trickier strategies and subject matter.”