Jonathan Schneider

Raleigh-Durham, NC


  • Amherst College

Jonathan has taught with Manhattan Prep since 2007. In that time, he has helped over 3,000 students to prepare for graduate school.

Jonathan has taught, tutored, written curriculum, and generally been involved with every aspect of the company’s work with students. In 2010, he began to train new instructors, a role that allowed him to “teach the teacher.” From 2012-2014, he managed the instructor-hiring process, and today he serves as an Instructor Manager and the head of training for new teachers.

Jonathan came from a liberal arts background, earning honors for a creative writing thesis in Spanish at Amherst College, a thesis that he illustrated with hand-pulled expressionist woodcuts. Jonathan aims to make his classes a laboratory for learning, where students learn not just the content of the test but how to think critically about all aspects of the exam. As a student in Jonathan’s class, expect to be both challenged and supported as you push yourself to think better, faster. Outside of his role at Manhattan Prep, Jonathan still maintains an art studio. His other loves include literature, baseball, board games, and world travel.