Samantha Lalli

New York, NY


  • Northwestern University
  • Relay Graduate School of Education (M.A.)
  • Columbia University (MBA)

Some say that Samantha is obsessed with school, or perhaps it’s just an excuse to keep shopping for back-to-school supplies. She holds a B.A. in economics and psychology, an M.A. in teaching, and a 760 GMAT score. Now equipped with her favorite college-ruled notebooks and felt-tip pens, she is currently earning her MBA at Columbia Business School.

In an unusual but not unprecedented move, Samantha went straight from college graduation to middle school. She taught mathematics to 8th graders in Bridgeport, CT through Teach For America and then to 7th graders at a charter school in East Harlem. Consequently, she became passionate about all things education, but specifically about the movement for educational equity in the U.S. Samantha maintains that she learned as much from her students as they did from her, including that her jokes are corny, her slang is outdated, and her dance moves leave much to be desired. Five years later, she is excited for this new opportunity to use both her teaching and business school experiences to help Manhattan Prep students master the GMAT.

When Samantha is not in school, she loves exploring New York City with friends (especially when it involves food), binge-watching TV on Netflix, and of course, reading.