Zach D'Angelo

San Francisco, CA


  • Stanford University

After graduating from Stanford with a degree in product design, Zach developed a passion for education through teaching and developing curriculum. Now, with a 780 GMAT score in hand, he is excited to help students achieve their business school goals.

Zach has had a lifelong passion for looking at things from multiple perspectives. Whether it was figuring out all the uses for a rubber band as a 6-year-old, developing alternative ways to teach arithmetic to autistic students as a product design major, or building programs to engage college students in strategic philanthropy while working at a foundation, the idea of developing new approaches to solving a problem has always been thrilling to him. As a GMAT instructor, he revels in the process of getting students to not only think of each problem from a number of angles but to rethink how they study and approach the exam as a whole.

While in college, Zach spent several summers working at a camp near Lake Tahoe, an experience that led him to not only become obsessed with hiking but also to develop a very sophisticated costume collection. Other hobbies include West Coast swing dancing and creating an exhaustive ranking of the taquerias in San Francisco (let’s assume this counts as a hobby).

What students are saying

“Zach has tremendous pedagogic skills and it is clear he has found his path as a teacher. He has a lot of patience and is dedicated. He makes sure everything is understood by everyone.”

What students are saying

“He goes beyond just saying you are incorrect. He shows you where in your thought process you are messing up so that you do not make the same mistake twice.”

What students are saying

“He used real life examples and simplified things down for me which I appreciated. He spent time helping each of his students, so you never felt like a small fish in an ocean.”