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Take 50% off our GMAT® App before Halloween ends!


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - GMAT App Halloween Sale - Take 50% Off!There are two things more horrifying than the living dead: Read more

Here’s How to Study with the Manhattan Prep GMAT App


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Here's How to Study with the Manhattan Prep GMAT App by Chelsey Cooley

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Are you wondering where the Manhattan Prep GMAT App fits into your study routine? You shouldn’t just use it to work through lengthy sets of questions. There are better resources for that, such as the Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides and the Official Guide to the GMAT. Instead, think of the app as a way to turn down time into study time: every time you’d otherwise be idly surfing the Internet or playing mobile games, load up the app and do a few minutes of review. Or, add a quick 10 or 15 minutes of problems to your daily routine — think of it as the GMAT equivalent of flossing your teeth. With a little preparation and creativity, you can use the app to efficiently target critical GMAT skills. Read more

Manhattan Prep’s GMAT® study app is now available!


I am very excited to announce that our new GMAT® study app is available on both iOS and Android!

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