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GMAT INTERACT: Coming Soon! Try a FREE Geometry Lesson


Available June 16th, GMAT INTERACT will forever change the way you think about test prep. We took the best of our GMAT curriculum, gathered the world’s greatest instructors, and reimagined all of the possibilities. Welcome to GMAT INTERACT.

GMAT Interact is a comprehensive self-study program unlike anything you’ve tried before. It features 30+ interactive lessons that are funny, intuitive, and directed by you.

Never watch another boring test prep video again!
You’ve seen them. You’ve taken notes from them. Heck, you might have even fallen asleep to a few of them. True to its name, GMAT Interact is different from typical online courses and static video lessons. It’s an elegant integration of instruction and interactive technology. Every lesson is taught by an expert Manhattan Prep instructor and includes dozens of individual branching points. If you get something right, we may take you to a tougher problem. If you get something wrong, we may take you through a detailed lesson. No two people will see the same thing.

Gasp! It isn’t boring!
Let’s face it – GMAT content isn’t that riveting. It’s grammar rules and algebraic equations, it’s long division and obscure vocab. But your prep doesn’t have to be boring! GMAT Interact was designed to engage your whole brain – every lesson is fresh, funny, and driven by the choices you make.

Prep Made Personal
GMAT Interact was designed around the student-teacher connection. An instructor guides you through each lesson, asking you questions and prompting you to think about the content presented. Every response you give changes the lesson you see.

Anytime, Anywhere
This program is entirely self-paced. You can stop, start, or go back anytime you want. Every lesson is delivered in crisp HD and is available on your computer or mobile device. Prep where you are, when you want.

Curious? Try Interact Now
The complete GMAT INTERACT program (coming in June 16th!) will teach every section of the GMAT, but you can get try a Geometry Lesson right now, for free. It won’t be available for free forever, though, so be sure to check it out before it’s gone!

Free GMAT Events This Week: October 14 – October 20


Here are the free GMAT events we’re holding this week. All times are local unless otherwise specified.

10/14/13– San Diego, CA – Free Trial Class- 6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/14/13– Glendale, CA- Free Trial Class- 6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/14/13– Arlington, VA- Free Trial Class– 6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/15/13–  Chicago, IL – Essay Writing Workshop presented by mbaMission– 7:00PM- 8:30PM

10/15/13– Online-Live Online GMAT Preview– 9:00PM- 10:30PM (EDT)

10/16/13– Bellaire, TX- Free Trial Class-  6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/16/13– Toronto, ON – Free Trial Class– 6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/16/13– Online – Free Trial Class-  9:00PM- 12:00AM (EDT)

10/17/13– San Francisco- Free Trial Class – 6:30PM- 9:30PM

10/17/13– Online – Free Trial Class-  8:00PM- 11:00PM (EDT)
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