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GMAT score 600 for canadian universities?

by PaulusK389 Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:42 am

I am from Indonesia and i want to apply for Master of Finance in Canada's top universities such as Univ of toronto,Univ of British Columbia, Mcgill Univ, or Mcmaster Univ.

I took my first GMAT at 4 August 2017 and scored 580 (Q 50, V 18, IRA 6, AWA 4), 51 percentile, with only 4 days of preparations (i was so busy preparing for IELTS that time). Then i took it again at 23 August. However, that time i was extremely ill (gastritis) that i was struggling to even finish the test, and i was going to toilet so many times for vomiting during the test, almost every 10 minutes. It was almost a miracle that i still got 600 (Q 50, V 21, IRA 4, AWA 4.5), 57 percentile.

Since then, i continued on my preparations and when i took the gmatprep CAT i always got score in range 660-720, although with some pausing due to my gastritis, which caused me to vomiting few times in toilet. However, it looks like my sickness won't be healed even after some months. Until now, this sickness still burdens me,although i have went to doctor several times. I dont know when i will recovered, and even the doctor also did not know. Honestly,i am almost give up with this illness.

So i want to ask you whether i should wait until fully recovered and then retake the GmAt (aiming for higher score), or just immediately apply that score 600 now to those canadian universities.

In addition, i have title Bachelor Of Economics from a local university, International Business Management program, graduated in 2013 with GPA 3.33 (from 4). Since graduated, i work as a financial staff at a local meat floss company, a quite small company with 15 employees. So i have approximately 4 years of experience.

If i just immediately apply now, without retake the GMAT, will i be accepted?
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Re: GMAT score 600 for canadian universities?

by mbamissionjenK Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:33 pm

To the original poster, PaulusK389, it appears your post is several months old now, not sure how we missed this, but if you still require any advice please let us know, and good luck!
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Re: GMAT score 600 for canadian universities?

by LeahB874 Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:38 am

it sawesome
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Re: GMAT score 600 for canadian universities?

by annam548 Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:11 am

good job.