Introducing Our 5lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems!


Manhattan Prep GRE Blog - Introducing Our 5lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems! by Manhattan Prep

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand-new 5lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems! The TOEFL 5 lb. Book brings our best-selling 5 lb. Book series to students who need a study tool for the TOEFL. Written exclusively by expert Manhattan Prep instructors, this book is 5 lbs.* of TOEFL knowledge on everything you need to learn for the test.

The 5lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems comes with lots of unique features, including:

  • More practice questions (1,500+!) than all three Official Guides combined, so you’ll always have plenty of study material
  • 34 chapters offering targeted practice in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing
  • Sensibly-grouped sets of questions that allow you to learn by topic (e.g. Humanities vs. Social Science vs. Physical Science)
  • An innovative layout of annotated answers and explanations that includes the question stem and answer choices on a single page—no more flipping back and forth!
  • Instructions, explanations, and other learning content written in easy-to-read English
  • 10 bonus appendices providing guidance on building core skills such as English vocabulary and grammar, as well as test-taking strategies and advice based on learning science
  • Online chapters and audio tracks providing realistic, computer-based practice to better simulate the TOEFL test-taking experience

While researching for the book, we heard a lot of complaints that other TOEFL prep books contained practice questions that weren’t like the ones on the real TOEFL test. We worked really hard to write problems that mirror those on the actual TOEFL in form, content, and style—we hope they help you on your TOEFL journey!

*Although it’s called the 5lb. Book, it actually weighs 6.7 lbs…so try not to drop it on your foot. 📝

Ready to tackle the TOEFL with expertise, confidence, and hundreds of practice questions at your disposal? Purchase the 5lb. Book of TOEFL Practice Problems here!

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