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#MovieFailMondays: The Goonies (Or, How Movies Can Teach You About Logical Fallacies and Help You Ace the LSAT)


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - #MovieFailMondays: The Goonies

Each week, we analyze a movie that illustrates a logical fallacy you’ll find on the LSAT. Who said Netflix can’t help you study? 🎥📖

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Forget about Pixels for a second. I mean, most of you probably didn’t see it, and those who did probably blocked it from their memories. So let’s just say it doesn’t exist. This way, we can talk about Chris Columbus without feeling bad.

In 1985, Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg, and Chris Columbus collaborated on a little project that we all know (and love!) as The Goonies. If you’ve never seen this film, go, right now, and watch it. Read more

Negating Assumptions on the LSAT – Answers


Alright, here are the answers to the last blog post: Negating Assumptions on the LSAT

Non Exhaustive List of Common Terms and Negations

If you see…          Negate with…
All                         Not all
Some                     None/no
Most                      Not most/less than half
Not all                   All
None                     At least one/Some
Probably              Probably not/Unlikely
Unlikely               Likely
Never                  At least once/Sometimes
Always                Not always
Sometimes          Never
Without               With
With                    Without

Can you think of others that should be on this list?