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How Repetition Can Help You Meet Your LSAT Goals


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - How Repetition Can Help You Meet Your LSAT Goals by Ally Bell

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Repetition is a critical part of building expertise. Want to be a talented pianist? At some point, you’ll probably have to play the scales over and over again. Maybe you’d rather be an all-star basketball player? Then you’ll most likely find yourself spending quite a bit of time standing at a free-throw line, practicing your shot repetitively. Read more

The Role of the Goal: Part I of II


Goals are important when it comes to LSAT preparation. First we’ve got to make them, then we’ve got to stick with them.

This week and next, I’ll be talking about these two processes.

10 (3) Goals You Should Set, No Matter Who You Are

LSAT cellphone

1. Put your phone away. You can’t resist checking to see who texted. You just have to send that one email. You only need to map the tapas restaurant now so you will know what train to take there after you finish doing this practice test. Or would be doing, if you didn’t keep checking your phone.

Trying to study the LSAT with your Droid or Blackberry buzzing (or silently existing) next to you like trying to do yoga alongside a tiny man whispering, “Don’t clear your mind!” (I’m not sure why he has to be tiny, but he does.) Leave the phone in the other room–or just across the room–and you will practice better, which means you’ll score better. Are you really going to let your cell phone be the reason you end up at a lower ranked school? Harsh, but true. Read more